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About Skeye

PfCO training
With Skeyetrain’s £599 GVC courses, you can gain your CAA (Standard Authorisation) GVC and be working
for under £1000 including caa fee’s and insurance.
Our A2 CofC Courses are 199 pounds inc Vat.

(A2 CofC is valid from November 1st 2020)

Call 01427-671661

All of our courses now include flight test insurance

After having established ‘Skeye Photography & Surveys Ltd’ (our sister company which provides aerial photography and survey work) it soon became apparent to us that there was a real need for a good training and certification business. There are other companies out there, but they all seem to lack something in one area or another. We provide the very best service at a fair and reasonable price point, offering appropriate training and tuition at all times from instructors who understand and actively work with UAV’s on a daily basis.

We are a CAA Recognised Assessment Entity,
NQE number 3374

all our prices are inclusive of vat

Our Courses

GVC Full Course and A2CofC

This course completes everything you need to apply for your GVC to the CAA
  • 3 day Ground school + Theory Test
  • Operations Manual
  • Flight Test
  • Follow up support
  • Flight Test Insurance Included
  • Also includes the A2CofC course

A2 CofC Course - Call 01427-671661

For Anyone to fly in the A2 category
  • 1 full days course online or classroom
  • Weekend option available
  • A2 Transitional Aircraft are
  • 0-250 Grams - DJI Mavic Mini
  • A2 - A1 Transitional 250 - 500grams No Horizontal Overflight -
  • DJI Spark
  • Parrot Anafi
  • A2 Transitional
  • 500grams to 2 kilos - 50m Horizontal Seperation
  • CE C2 Marked Aircraft - 5m Horizontal Separation
  • Free files for helping new business start ups

PFCO to GVC Course

A special course for students who have passed the PFCO course
  • 1/2 day classroom course
  • GVC Flight Test
  • Ops Manual build and review
  • Help with Submission to CAA
  • Follow up Support
  • .

Drone Training

Aimed at those that have never flown a Drone or are just starting out
  • This 1/2 day practical  course is aimed at students with no flying experience at all, we will teach you the basics on your drone and flight skills to build on.
  • The law
  • Flight skills and practice
  • Battery care
  • Basic Drone photography
  • On completion of this course you may then choose to take one of the other course's

A2 CofC Weekends

From £199
A2 CofC over the weekend online 1 day
  • Full A2 CofC Online for all ages
  • Group Bookings of 5 or more 178.80 inc vat online course and exam only

Weekend Training GVC and A2 CofC

Avoid time off work, GVC training done on Saturday or Sundays
  • Training run from our training centre in Gainsborough, available every Sunday. Takes 2 to 3 weekend days to complete the theory course, exam and flight tests.
  • Our normal course rates apply, no price premium for Sunday's. The days don't need to be consecutive.
  • Currently online only
  • Includes A2 CofC