The ‘Rotor Pilot’ commercial drone simulator will support you and accelerate your progress all the way from new pilot to experienced pilot. As a new pilot you will use standard flight modes and controls to pilot drones within the simulator and avoid expensive crashes. The time you spend flying and learning new skills within the simulator will directly benefit your real world flying. Then as an experienced pilot you can practice new scenarios and gain confidence to help ensure the success of your real world assignments.

VR READY: For a fully immersive experience that can really develop your situational awareness enter virtual reality with the addition of an Oculus Rift head set.

Practice Field Scenario

You are in a field with cones marking out the flight patterns your examiner wishes you to fly. An ideal location to learn to fly and practice the manoeuvres you will be expected to carry out during your commercial flight test. Make sure you can fly proficiently in basic Stabilised mode before going to the assisted Alti and GPS modes.

Included in free download


The Rotor Pilot commercial drone simulation software uses the latest 3d engine technology and needs a reasonable spec PC to provide realistic visuals and a smooth flight experience.The minimum recommended spec is: Windows 10 64bit OS, Intel i5 dual core CPU, NVidia 1050 graphics card (or equivalent), 4GB RAM plus internet connection.

Rotor Pilot is also available for MAC and requires a system with a reasonable 3D graphics capability such as the latest iMacs. Due to the range of systems and graphics capabilities we recommend downloading and installing the free trial to evaluate performance on your own MAC.

Rotor Pilot Commercial Drone Simulation

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