With a keen interest in flying from an early age, John has filled his adulthood with enough experiences and achievements to make any aviation fan jealous.
He first flew solo in a full sized glider back in the 70’s, before gaining his private pilots licence and has now, over 40 years later, built up 1000’s of hours flying both within the UK and abroad.

Like many others, his interest in mainstream aviation lead him into the world of radio controlled models where he progressed from Helicopters, to fixed wing and then onto the expertise of gas turbine powered models. With a keen eye for detail, excellent flying talent and plenty of enthusiasm, John became both chairman of his own flying club as well as of the BMFA Midland area for a number of years.

As a BMFA Area Chief examiner, John enjoys meeting like minded individuals of whom he can share his knowledge and expertise with. John’s list of qualifications include Instructional Techniques, PTLLS Level 4, Private Pilots Licence, Area Chief Instructor which are very impressive to others within the field.

John and the rest of the Skeye training team believe that safety is the most important aspect of flying so rest assured they will guide you to achieve your flying ambitions in a fun and friendly way.

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