Become a professional caa approved uav drone operator with Skeye Training

About Skeye

PfCO training
From only £599 inc VAT.
With Skeyetrain you can gain your PfCO and be working
for under £1000 including all fee’s and insurance.

All of our courses now include flight test insurance

After having established ‘Skeye Photography & Surveys Ltd’ (our sister company which provides aerial photography and survey work) it soon became apparent to us that there was a real need for a good training and certification business. There are other companies out there, but they all seem to lack something in one area or another. We aim to provide the very best service at a reasonable cost, offering appropriate training and tuition at all times from instructors who understand SUAS’s.

We are a CAA approved National Qualified Entity,
NQE number 0617/3374

all our prices are inclusive of vat

Our Courses

Beginners Course

Perfect for beginners starting with little or no flying experience
  • UAV Basic Principles and applications 3 day course
  • Practical Flying techniques
  • Leads into full PfCO Course
  • Follow up support

Full Course

This course completes everything you need to apply for your PfCO to the CAA
  • 3 day Ground school + Theory Test
  • Operations Manual
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support
  • * Gainsborough Price

Pilots Course

For full size pilots (Airline, Commercial, Light Aircraft or Gliders)
  • 1 full days course
  • Operations Manual review
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support

BMFA Course

A special course for students who have a BMFA 'A' certificate or better on helicopters.
  • 1 day classroom course
  • Ops Manual build and review
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up Support
  • .

Flight Test

Aimed at those who have completed Ground Theory course and operations manual with another NQE
  • 1 day practical course
  • Operation Manual review
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support

Pay As You Go

From £295
Reduce the financial impact, pay as you go!
  • Theory Course £295
  • Operations Manual £149
  • Flight Test £149

SUNDAY Training

Avoid time off work, PfCO training done on Sundays
  • Training run from our premises in Gainsborough, available every Sunday. Takes 2 to 3 Sundays to complete the theory course, exam and flight tests.
  • Our normal course rates apply, no price premium for Sunday's.