Become a professional caa approved uav drone operator with Skeye Training

About Skeye

PfCO training
With Skeyetrain’s £599 PfCO courses, you can gain your pfco and be working
for under £1000 including caa fee’s and insurance.

All of our courses now include flight test insurance

After having established ‘Skeye Photography & Surveys Ltd’ (our sister company which provides aerial photography and survey work) it soon became apparent to us that there was a real need for a good training and certification business. There are other companies out there, but they all seem to lack something in one area or another. We provide the very best service at a fair and reasonable price point, offering appropriate training and tuition at all times from instructors who understand and actively work with UAV’s on a daily basis.

We are a CAA approved National Qualified Entity,
NQE number 0617/3374

all our prices are inclusive of vat

Our Courses

Full Course

This course completes everything you need to apply for your PfCO to the CAA
  • 3 day Ground school + Theory Test
  • Operations Manual
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support
  • Flight Test Insurance Included

Pilots Course

For full size pilots (Airline, Commercial, Light Aircraft or Gliders)
  • 1 full days course
  • Operations Manual review
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support

BMFA Course

A special course for students who have a BMFA 'A' certificate or better on helicopters.
  • 1 day classroom course
  • Ops Manual build and review
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up Support
  • .

Flight Test

Aimed at those who have completed Ground Theory course and operations manual with another NQE
  • 1 day practical course
  • Operation Manual review
  • Flight Test
  • Submission to CAA
  • Follow up support

Pay As You Go

From £295
Reduce the financial impact, pay as you go!
  • Theory Course £295
  • Operations Manual £149
  • Flight Test £149

Weekend Training

Avoid time off work, PfCO training done on Saturday or Sundays
  • Training run from our training centre in Gainsborough, available every Sunday. Takes 2 to 3 weekend days to complete the theory course, exam and flight tests.
  • Our normal course rates apply, no price premium for Sunday's. The days don't need to be consecutive.