Why are your prices substantially lower than your competitors?
We dont have lavish websites, huge advertising budgets or lots of staff to pay. What we do provide is good quality materials, presented by expert instructors who have experience of full sized flying, model flying and teaching qualifications.

Can I talk to some of your students?
We can arrange that, have a look at the video testimonials to see what our clients had to say.

Is the PfCO from you not as good as the more expensive ones?
The CAA dont differentiate between PfCO’s there isn’t a grading system, you either have it or you don’t. That said unlike many NQE’s we have a range of additional courses that you can do such as Mapping, Agriculture, Photography, Telecom Tower Inspection and more, we offer further training.

Do you offer flight training?
Yes we do, we dont have set courses, we tailor each session to your requirements. We would assess your ability, identify weaknesses and address any weaknesses found.

Once I have my license can I fly any drone?
Remember there isnt a drone license in the UK, its a Permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, anyone who says you will get a license at the end of a course doesn’t know the situation well. When you get your PfCO there are 4 categories Rotary Wing and Fixed wing with two weight ranges 0 to 7Kg and 7 to 20Kg, SKEYETrain can train and test you in any of those categories.

How much extra do you charge for night permissions?
A nice round figure £0! All included in our standard price.

What ongoing support do you provide?
We support all of our students and many non students without question. We have provided helpsheets when the law has changed etc and help students by assessing their ops manuals at renewal time at no charge.